Day 36 | Gindungo: Day 3

Good morning, Mi Gente, I dunno what to say. But what a great awesome titanic gigantic event Mi Gente. Saturday night! Like I told you! It was gonna be an atomic explosion. Literally I don’t know the exact count but for real for real, we had over 400 people in the building. Congratulations to Gindungo team and Kizomba Canada. For making this event possible in the capital of Kizomba in North America, Montreal. Workshops and party and the performances and the dance. The DJs off the chain. The dancers off the chain. The people off the chain. It’s exhausting but it’s worth it. I am absolutely with a full smile in my face. You can literally see my last teeth. Oh my god. That’s the way it should go.
Today we got the Angolan dinner, make sure you get your tickets Mi Gente and we got the famous Jack and Jill. Where students, attendees and artists get together in a brutal battle to see who’s the champion on the last day of our festival.
My people sober day 36, non-smoking and drinking as I am eating my orange juice, don’t worry the carrot juice is coming, one of the first times I did a post without cursing because I am so freaking happy. And I’m gonna keep it like that because good things come for those to wait. I gotta thank everybody for purchasing the Gindungo clothing material. Again we stepped it up a little bit higher than people expected. We made a clothing line out of our festival.
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