Day 127 | Some Good News!

Good day Montreal!
It’s Wednesday. You already know that we have our Kizomba classes starting at 6:30pm. You already know that all my Montreal people can come and join Dr. Kizomba for a free class starting at 8:30pm, mixing up with the Kitaba social, and we’ll finish at midnight… ish.
Alright. We got some great news, Mi Gente! We don’t know the exact date yet, but the team Dr. Kizomba just got confirmation that my papers are coming out, soon time. You know what that means. #freedom! From January on, your boy Dr. Kizomba, Manuel & Flavie, aka the Kizomba Canada squad, are going to be in your city. Yes, in your city. To rock you with #kizomba and #semba and #kuduro and much more importantly, great vibes and smiles and after-parties until security knocks at the door. Thank you so much, to everybody that has followed the posts since #stuckinLisbon and #stuckinCanada. We got something coming for you as well. We are putting together a book/blog/diary of the entire situation: all the experiences that happened to your boy when I was stranded in Europe; being able to come back to Canada and apply some of the good things that I have learned in Lisbon (aka Mukueto) in Canada; the result my actions = launching Kitaba in Montreal. Many much more great things, dancing-wise and cultural-wise, will be in that blog. So for all my readers, you will have a thrill.
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First published on Facebook on December 6th, 2017.
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