Day 117 | But Why, Tho?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Last night couldn’t contain myself 😍. Staying in the sidelines and seeing my team perform, doing an amazing job in Montreal Bachata invasion with our new kuduro performance. My babies were fearless, closing the show for 2nd time at a Bachata Invasion event. Muchas gracias Mr. Bahram for inviting us again, we gladly appreciate your services and support. Today is Sunday, another day we going back to practice to make our 3rd choreography. We got the team ready. Please stay tuned for the video coming out tonight.

Roasting time. Your boy’s been watching a lot of #kizomba on the Internet. I noticed that there are certain parties dancing with headsets. Can someone explain to me wtf is going here? I mean, I like my hair to be on point. If I am dance wearing headsets, I dunno if my haircut will look Dr. Kizomba-ish. And wassup with the DJ music now, is that why people need headsets? Can someone explain it to me wtf is going on with this shit? Is it a new wave or something? All I am asking is for answers. I’m not bashing, I’m not talking, just hit me with some explanations.


First published on Facebook on November 26th, 2017.

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