Day 116 | A Teacher’s Legacy

Good morning. It’s a Saturday in Montreal. It’s time to dance, of course. Tonight your boy and the Kizomba Canada dance squad #kcds are gonna be at Bachata Invasion in Montreal dancing and teaching and performing, with DJ the Best, DJ Fofo Jah and DJ Lumbo Joao… it’s gonna be a bezerk night.

Give it up for my boy DJ Newton for Kizomba in the 6. I already had this obligation here in Mtl, and you know that when you have a gig you can’t last minute cancel. Otherwise I would have been with you partying all night with Todd and my TO family and friends. I know it’s gonna be a good event, all my respect.

Roasting time. Being stuck in Canada has given me another realization. That came on my mind: while I was traveling back and forward in 2015-2017 not having time to put my bags down, always on the plane, the only thing that kept me going was either alcohol or staying in the zone dancing dancing dancing. I had to depend on something to make it through and give me energy. A few times I’d wake up and not know what country I was in for 15-20s. That didn’t give me the time to get to know with my students in my city. They are pretty cool! And other people had time to introduce me to them, meaning they told my students who I am in their own words. That’s not nice. Now that I’ve spent 116 days here, I’ve gotten to know more people and look them in the eye. Not knowing what they are about but feeling what they are about. That’s a totally different experience. I’m not here telling my colleagues to do the same just bc I’m living this situation. I just want them to think carefully and take care of their dance schools in their homes, in their cities, in their countries before they step on those planes. It’s one thing is to go and please other ppl’s students, come back and have your students waiting for you. It’s a totally different thing to go, come back and have no one waiting for you. I’m just saying. #dancerawareness

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First published on Facebook on November 26th, 2017.

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