Day 114 | Kitaba Thanksgiving

Good morning, good afternoon good day Mi Gente. Just opened my eyes. Checked my legs, checked my arms, I’m alive. Another day, another dollar.

Kitaba social yesterday was off the chain. DJ Do Marçal did what he was supposed to do. Great job. The people were very happy. The mixes were smooth. We had fun with #kizomba, #semba, #kuduro on deck. We had to kick people out because they didn’t want to stop dancing. We lauched the Kitaba social at the beginning of November and already this wave is spreading into the 4 hearts of Montreal. The free kizomba class, don’t miss that one! New faces, people really had serious questions about kizomba and to see them fulfilling their passion was satisfying. See you next week on the 29th for another Kitaba social explosion, my people. Let’s dance, let’s dance, always dance.

Happy Thanksgiving. For everybody that don’t have their family right here right now, like myself, call a friend, cook, wtv thanksgiving gives you. I don’t celebrate this motherfucker for a long time anyway, so I really don’t feel anything about it. Stay home in socks and say high to your family for me. For the ones that actually needed dose of dancing your Dr Kizomba is gonna be at BCG as you can see in this picture party party party party and celebrating this beautiful city. Also! Catch you on the dance floor on Saturday at Bachata Invasion, we gotta new kuduro show, don’t miss it.

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First published on Facebook on November 25th, 2017.

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