Day 113 | Good Kizomba Times Are Coming to Montreal

Good afternoon Montreal and the world. Beautiful things are gonna happen in this city in the next couple of days and months.
Let’s start with this week. Don’t forget about the Kitaba social on Wednesday. Get your hips unlocked with #semba, #kizomba and a little fun #kuduro in our weekly Wednesday social. For the new people, feel free to come at 8:30pm and get your free complimentary 1-hr kizomba class, before staying and practicing your new lesson. After enjoying a solid time at Kitaba, stay tuned my people for this weekend. The Kizomba Canada squad will be teaching and performing at Bachata invasion on Saturday.
Mi Gente, you know that Kizomba Canada has been around for about 7 years. This year we are gonna spin the tables and offer you an all-white 7 year celebration gala, with an amazing artist and more surprises to come, but we can start with the name of Eliza Sala aka the Queen of Ginga and Afro-Ginga. She’s gonna make her Montreal, Canada premiere at our Kizomba Canada anniversary party. She is gonna teach hours and hours of ginga and she will also do a flashmob so that people from different countries can participate in this flashmob organized in Montreal. For all the details, please go visit our Kizomba Canada Facebook page and event and you will see all the above. Keep checking in, for more exciting information!
See you on the dance floor my people. Kitaba first and then Bachata Invasion. Come and join us, so that you guys can have amazing dances with the Kizomba Canada team and many more people.
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First published on Facebook on November 19th, 2017.
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