Day 111 | Mastering Hello

Man. Facebook is going wild with those Kizomba posts. I’m gonna be honest, it’s a lot of fun watching people so engaged in something simple, and so opinionated in something they believe is right. But it’s also funny to see people so emotionally involved and losing it while they typing saying shit they didn’t mean. All that leads into the emotions we have from this dance. Kizomba.

Went dancing yesterday, and before yesterday. BCG was off the chain, taught a class at salsa piquante. Local nights in mtl, you know what it is. Was fun to see new faces, old faces, wtv faces and connect with ppl I didn’t see in a long time. But one thing in particular caught my attention. You know these ppl when you see them, they look like they are not looking at you but when you stop standing near them, they checking you. And then they sitting in a corner just grilling at you. What’s up with that. When you wanna say hello, simply say hello. Look at the people, eye contact, just nod your head, make a sign, hello… then afterwards you hear “oooh that person sometimes say hello, sometimes don’t say hello”. How hard is it to say hello? Are we really fighting about hello, the first step communication?

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First published on Facebook on November 18th, 2017.

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