Day 104 | Feliz Dia Da Independência

Woke up at 2 am. Just saw the video of my babies performing at the Boston Brazil Dance Festival. They did good, traveling and spreading their love for Kizomba, without their doctor. 😍👊👍👌

Today, we are the 11th of November 2017. Very happy Independence Day to my country.

Let me tell the story of this beautiful country that in 1975 we say, fuck it. No more exploitation of slavery & our goods from animals to products to plants and roots so these roots could be planted in Europe. We gonna run this bitch ourselves. Angola. A big motherfucking country in southwestern African. Portugal would fit 15x inside of it. You gonna hear the story from the mouth of a born and raised Angolan, from his uncensored tongue so you can understand what this independence means to us.

We didn’t come from a king, we came from a queen. Queen Nzingha Mbandi. The most popular highness from southwestern Africa. I’m not gonna tell you the story of our queen, there are books out there if you wanna know something other than Jesus, she is our God-iva. Another story from the great bibles of Africa. You can google, or if you have an iPhone, just ask Siri about Nzingha Mbandi bc Siri seems to be smarter than a lotta ppl in this world.

42 years of independence. I’m 34-35. Our president was president from before I was born, he only left the power system this year. The new one is J-Lo, makes me think of Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully he got more plans for my country than just keeping money in the bank. Angola is one of the richest countries in the world. I’m talking natural resources rich, not yet capital rich. Rich with diamonds, animals, veggies, meat, oil, coffee, things that we need to live. The natural fusionomy of that country is just lit. No wonder millions of containers have left my country for America, Europe and Asia.

I’m talking about the country that invented kuduro, semba and kizomba, and much more stuff that people not ready to learn yet. For example, everybody thinks that capoeira comes from Brazil, but it’s my old country Angola that gave birth to that movement.

One more time. Happy Independence Day, Angola. Keep fighting, keep fighting, keep your head up, keep your head up. Like an elephant, stronger we move.

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