Day 98 | Hospital Visit

Man, what a week. I dunno where to start.

Last Saturday, while performing at Moka social with the #kcds, my knee just popped out. Right in the middle of the kuduro section of the show. Pop, out it went. Don’t know what reason, wasn’t even a hard move at all, my knee just slid out of place. All in all, my conclusion is just age. Even though my knee was off, hurting like a motherf…, I still managed to finish the routine in a lot of pain. That was something. #showmanship. Thank goodness I have nurses and people on the team that know how to deal with injuries. They helped me out after the show. Three persons holding me down and one person stepping on my leg like a gangsta to put my knee back in place. It was ugly. It hurt. A lot. Since then, I’ve been resting so that my knee can heal. It’s a pain that I don’t wish on anyone, but its ok. Your doctor is fine. There is no permanent damage done. But… stressing about my knee made me hit the bottle a little heavy while on medication without thinking of the consequences. That didn’t end up so good. It got me close to a food poisoning scenario. Food would go inside me and then come right back outside as soon as it reached my stomach. My stomach went on strike. It sent me straight to the hospital, total dehydration, not able to ingest anything. Since my stomach was a little poisoned, they kept me at the hospital for 2 days, hooked up to the IV, gallons of liquids pumped into me. The nurses were amazing, I got a lot of help, Flavie kept me company and Malenfant made me soups. It was something unexpected, but at the end of the day, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Now I am safe at home, recovering from that. Finally I can eat a great meal without spoiling it in the toilet. A lot of playstation and videogames. My knee is healing. Went to practice yesterday, couldn’t do much, but I whipped my team into shape. That was the good news.

The bad news is that we have kuduro tonight. Get ready my people. 7pm, kuduro for kids. 8pm, kuduro for all you oldies like me. Your boy is gonna make all y’all healthy! Another bad news? KCDS. My babies have their first international trip. They gonna perform the 2 new shows, Fashion and Escovar at the Boston Brazilian Festival. Under the leadership of Flavie, they are coming to have fun, teach classes and performing. We back at it. Situations are starting to look beautiful, making progress. And I can’t wait for another update tomorrow. Let’s go back to the regular daily posting, Mi Gente. See you soon.

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First published on Facebook on November 6th, 2017.

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