Day 128 | My Kizomba Canada Babies

Good day Montreal, I’m sorry for not being able to send you this message before. Woke up and slept, woke up and slept, woke up and slept. One word: Kitaba. Second word: Social. Amazing. Yes, yes and yes.

Imagine a culture in Montreal where people can actually dance, smile, laugh and meet new people. Young, old, old, young, short, tall, midget, high-tower, doesn’t matter your situation – you are welcome. Yesterday, to the sounds of DJ the Best, thank you my brother from another mother, we had that happening at Kitaba. A weekly Wednesday event. Can’t wait to see you next week, Mi Gente.

Now on another note, I’m so proud of my Kizomba Canada dance squad. Not only for their dance achievements and improving skills: I can say those kids are the best ever – by far! Putting their lives on the line, renting cars, driving themselves all the way to Boston, teaching amazing workshops without your boy Dr. Kizomba’s help, performing locally in their city Montreal, representing Kizomba Canada to the max. A combination of photographers, nurses, insurance brokers, students, engineers, accountants, they still have time for dancing and always, above all, looking good.


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First published on Facebook on December 7th, 2017.

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