Day 129 | Winter Sauna

Good day but not really good morning. It’s snowing outside ☃️. Canadian weather on deck. Didn’t bought my boots yet. One of the things I like is drinking tap water because always comes fresh like a motherfucker. And having African blood, you know my heater is always on max. My place is so cozy, like a hot summer day in wintertime. From my window you can see the fog, not outside in but inside out. Steaming! That makes day 129 the coolest – literally, significantly, the whole meaning of the word.

Another note: yesterday went to Baila Con Gusto, taught a class, absolutely loved it. Had fun with the students, had a visit from King Manduma, my brother from Atlanta. He came, danced a little salsa, bachata, kizomba by the sounds of DJ Jean Nunez.

Joke: I didn’t know that so many people were reading my posts, until I saw a saw a motherfucking reaction on the face of someone last night on the dance floor. 😂Remember when I talked about promoters not being fair with their pay … yeah, that’s the one. Nigga was maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad at me. I was acting like, “why you mad? I’m just doing what you used to do, talking shit behind my back, now I’m just doing it in public, nigga.” 😇

And for my all my readers – please keep liking and subscribing. The more you comment, the more I think. The more you like the more I write.

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First published on Facebook on December 8th, 2017.

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