Day 130 | Stage Life

Good morning and afternoon. Just opened my eye . If you guys noticed, this is a back to back daily report. Ok, let’s make it worth your while.
Last night, I gotta give thanks to the team Kizomba Canada . We did a performance at my brother Dance Alejandro in Laval. It was scary because it was the first time I was performing after injuring myself at a show at Moka social in October. I didn’t feel at 100%, it was weird to see the crowd and feeling the dynamic of their energy. Performing is something you lose if you don’t do it for awhile, it’s something you have to work at to remember how to put on a show, enjoy and work the crowd. I gotta go back and practice again. Thanks to my team for supporting me as I continue my recovery. It felt good to get back on stage after injuring myself. Looking forward to doing more shows so your boy can get back on top.
After that performance, me and the team planned to go get some drinks and then go to the club. Well… you know that never happens when I am with these dudes . We got some drinks, we started talking shit, we finished talking shit at 5am, and the club closed at 3am. So we didn’t go out. I enjoy hanging out with my squad.
Now your boy is getting outta bed, ready to go to practice, to finish working on our 3rd show. Oh shit, I just realized it’s Saturday, not Sunday. Never mind. Time to go teach some #kizomba classes in Laval from 3-5pm!
Hey give it up for Denis, he did a lovely video of your boy at Baila on Thursday, and like always he took a picture of your boy and his wife. He’s been doing that for years, at every Baila. I think he has more pictures of me & his Natalia than he has of them together. Denis, you gonna have to show me this collection one day. #timecapsule
First published on Facebook on December 9th, 2017.


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