Day 132 | Freedom!

As I was sleeping I remembered to have a special dream that I did not recall what it was when I woke up. Open my cell phone, I forgot to send some goodies to a good friend, totally forgot. And my friend being gangsta, the first thing she does when she picks the phone is cuss my ass. Totally deserved it. It was a lazy Sunday.

Good Monday morning, good day to the full meaning of the word. By now, officially we are stopping this countdown. Jail days are over. My spokesperson just got an email from Santa aka the Canadian Government that Mr. Manuel Antonio Eduardo Dos Santos, your permanent residence is being sent to your home. Yes. Yes. G-YES. 132 days can kick my ass right now. I’m getting the first ticket I can get to Lisbon. Maybe you guys asking me why. Well, you need to understand when a man spend 60 days in a place, starting off with no friends, knowing no-one, and after those 60 days has made new friends, gotten to know most of the people, and living a normal life like nothing happened, that man gains a sense of home. The closest feeling that I’ve had for Angola was in Lisbon. Therefore I gotta go back to Lisbon to go see my friends, my people, go dance with Mukueto, but this time without the fear of not coming back.

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First published on Facebook on December 11th, 2017.

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