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Weeeeeeeeeepaaaa, Mi gente it’s your one and only unapologetic motherfucking boy Dr Kizomba, with stories to tell and shit to start .

The Dr Kizomba Show this week unfortunately we could make it for 3PM Gang Gang, however one of our team member had some family issues so we decided to postpone the show for a later day this week, well of course thinking about your best interest Gang Gang.

Dr Kizomba Trips: Flavie and myself are invited this month to Trinidad 🇹🇹 dios mio, 😂 😆 that’s going go down weekend full of workshops + performance + parties lawd gotta get my soca warrior on 😆 as well my brother Nico is having is event in Montreal next weekend it’s going to be bananas 🍌.

Kitaba last night with Dj The Best : Gang am in love 😍 with the coco 🥥 what the social, free class and much more this summer is something special students are learning + growing dancefloor rolling 💯 and plus one word Kitaba one Team Kizomba Canada, thank you 🙏🏿 for coming and showing some love Gang Gang …

Dr Kizomba Privates: This is good, wow! The girls are improving by the minute, taking their dance seriously serious and to another dimension. The game is simple book yours and get better with your one and only Dr Kizomba …

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