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Good day Montreal. This week I’ve been going out and dancing. It started with Kitaba, my social, finished with Baila Con Gusto and I’m going to Moka soon since I’m old friends with Blonde – she actually used to be my student when she was around 18. Now she’s a grown woman. My tequila partner. I miss this girl. I danced salsa like I never danced before, I danced bachata like crazy, I danced so much kizomba because DJ the Best was on the mix. I noticed that I always used to take an Uber but because I miss Montreal so much I’m starting to walk more just to sight see, appreciating the times that I’m not around and meeting the people that I didn’t have a lot of time to meet. Still listening to Bad Bunny.

I just had an English test today. Very proud of my speaking skills. The comprehension part was a little hard because when that dude starts talking so much, you get a little bored because there is nothing interesting in that conversation so you start thinking about steps… story of my life. I’ll tell you more about that after. Let me enjoy my calamari and fried shrimp and Long Island Iced Tea.

Oh yes I almost forgot Caribana weekend, man I couldn’t go because of my English test. Just smash me with pictures, I’m gonna hate you guys and I’ll get my costume for next year. Because all the black people in Canada are concentrated right now in Toronto. How could I miss that?

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