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Good day Mi Gente, it’s your boy Dr. Kizomba still getting to know Montreal better. My favorite thing to do right now is just walking. I’m not even taking no Uber, I’m really walking! You know when you leave your house without any destination and then you find out the destination through the process. The Alchemist, yeah, that book by Paulo Coelho, that boy Santiago, if you didn’t read that book, go and read it, it’s a great book. Well yesterday, I was chilling, minding my business, finding new restaurants to find new drinks and new food. Well, I stumbled myself at Eggspectations like usual. And then, something remind me I wanted to show this new dish that Mango Flavie is mastering. I was like, why don’t we have a caldo, but this time the theme of the caldo is seafood. I don’t consider myself popular, but every time I leave the house, I gotta shake 20 hands on the street, even people driving they stop beep beep! That’s me. That being said, I was just inviting everybody to come to the crib, I gave them the address, come at 6pm, we gonna have seafood. I holla at my team, we gonna have seafood. I was looking around my house, it was a seafood bbq. We talking about shrimp, we talking about crab legs, we talking about that shit that looks weird but so good, we talking about muscles. We talking about dope shit! Flavie did it. We talking about Hennessy we talking about Appleton we talking about stella the beer not the girl. We had good times, we were watching Michael Jackson clips but listening to kizomba, we were talking about everything, shit man! It was surreal. I love my gang. I love my city. I love all the people that contributed so that I can have my peace and quiet mind and I just love you motherfuckers, ok?
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