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“Pac never Sing like Mike & Mike Never Rap like Pac” This is a line from Drake’s Daddy 4am in Calabasas. Great song Drizzy and what an amazing album CARE PACKAGE … The effect is happening. I dropped Facebook like I dropped my ex girlfriend that was using Kizomba Canada to pay her Visa Maxed Card. If by now you don’t know what KC is, too late that’s a story for another time. I am on the plane on my way to LA, thinking about life and exes with Flavie sleeping next to me. Yeah, she’s a true queen rough and tough though but she real.

My Montreal friends are complaining. They saying that I am cut up on these trips, I don’t hangout no more, my PlayStation buddies are sending me messages to do what we do best: fill up a bag of weed and 6 Bottles of Hennessy and play till 10am the next day and all our girls calling us mad as fuck…

Club Paradise. You don’t know this city anymore, they might have loved you before now you traveling 🧳 doing your thing … Wait a minute I might go around the world but am not cut up where I am right now … Last night I was at a restaurant and this Montreal chick passed by and looked me in the eye and pretended like she didn’t see me, just a few hours after she asked me to dance at Baila Con Gusto, smh. Because it’s relevant to show people you cool with me in public, in personal is just pure “I wish I could have your type of ish so let me not give u the vibe that ur cooler than a polar bear toenail Doctor”… All good, I am cool with whatever decision you take because at the end of the day I am still gonna love you. Shorty, don’t complain that I am not in town. When I am in town it’s not with you that I hangout anyway.

I’ll continue this blog when I land the nigga behind me is a dead man, don’t sleep next to your Dr… Dr from DRAMA.

#pac | #mike | #drake

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