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Good day beautiful Montreal. Your weather is fabulous. I wish global warming worked only for Montreal so that this city can stay hot as hell. Studying for my Saturday exam but had to take a break to drink a glass of water. Tonight we have the amazing social where everyone is happy and everyone dance with each other by the name of Kitaba. We have a guest DJ tonight by the name of Angel Design. So I suggest that after you enjoy this beautiful weather, come to the studio and get your kizomba semba fix on with Dr. Kizomba and gang gang.

Always perfect, posing like a pro. My challenge is discovering more about Montreal in my own ways. Montreal is a really beautiful city, you know. It’s not because I live here, it’s because of the French connection and what it brings to a French and English country, where I get to meet everyone from around the world and I don’t need to travel. It’s in America but doesn’t feel like America. It feel like a lost European city with a touch of NYC. For all my travelling people, #drkizomba got some good news for you, because I really wanna connect with MY people, the people that follow Dr. Kizomba. I wanna meet all yall. I swear, I wanna meet all yall. I think you guys are the most badass people ever. I found a way to get together with my gang gang everywhere in the world. As I’m going to places, like for example, I will make a promotion for Cape Town, if you don’t know where Cape Town is, it’s in South Africa. You should see the mountains Lion Head and Table Mountain and go swim at the South African waters and go to Robben Island to see where Nelson Mandela was arrested in the middle of the ocean and hear the stories. So Dr. Kizomba Trips will be a facebook event where I’m gonna put an exotic location and event and the cheapest way to get there so that yall can be like just the two of us, you know just like the song. Just the two of us… enjoying a beautiful place. Tunisia, Brazil, Trinidad, India, it’s coming, and you know my house, Lisbon.

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