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Currently landing in UK then getting ready for my Montreal flight straight to Kitaba Social, missing my Gang Gang.

You won’t believe that we danced until the last second in Delhi. The crew just came to Navi’s house and we made the last social on Tuesday night. It was painful to say goodbye to people that we felt automatically in love. The guys are amazing, I mean there is nothing like that. I was able to chill with them and see their reaction. Even the kids outside on the street that I didn’t know, as soon as they saw me it was a instant reaction that only I can feel but hard to explain. It was just different than the rest of the world. Spiritual. It was like our souls automatically connected and started to smile. It’s like when I see a brother in USA, we got that “I got you brother”. So many gifts I received from them, oh lord my bag can’t close. I guess that’s the sign that they show appreciation, very dope, I mean very dope and humbled by the experience…

The Ladies, oh lord besides one of the most beautiful species in a human form, they are absolutely gorgeous, it’s a beauty you can’t deny . The ladies are hot with a kind heart, translating to the other side of the world beauty without attitude and with a kind heart. Uffffff I mean the girls we see on TV are not even close to their beauty. But they’re still humble and they still lineup to dance with me without a problem, like Yudi Fox 🦊 would Say • Logo Eu • .
They are learning without fear. I saw girls loving Kizomba. Kizomba the Tarraxinha that got Tarraxo from Angola 🇦🇴, moving their hips like Eliza Sala with the swagger and all ufff like Yudi Fox 🦊 would say • Desabafa Comigo Partilha a Tua Dor que Eu vou Chorar Contigo Aiiiiii •.

All and all, we going back this year for a weekender. That’s our new home. India See You Soon…

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