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Let me start by saying this. India. I’m gonna have to get to real talk right here. Because now I can say that I’ve been around the world. I did not know who I was affecting when I started this stuff, doing my shows, talking to the camera. I did not know who was my audience. On IG and Facebook a lot of people was praising me all over the world, so I couldn’t exactly understand where the love was coming from. But after coming to India and getting to know these amazing folks, these are a lot of people that knew from before, that follow my posts and my videos and even my quotes, I totally totally I did not know how much how the Dr Kizomba instruction website ( was affecting people around the world. And of course my franchises, the Dsantos dance franchises around the world spreading my vibes and energy, the syllabus put together in order to teach people have to dance, it got me here. My brain is overwhelmed. Listen, I got a lot of love to give, but this weekend was all about receiving love and deeply connecting with the people right here from India including we had people flying from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, from the countries around in Asia. I am overwhelmed! It’s a lot of mi Gente, it’s a lot of love.

I know that this internet thing can be really tricky but it is no comparison with what just happened. You don’t need to tell me. I know. I saw it. Folks loving it, loving your boy Dr kizomba, loving Flavie, folks enjoying, folks genuinely with kind hearts open to your doctor. I mean, I don’t know man, I’m gonna have to post another post because there is so much in my head and I learned so much in India about humbleness because I need to process all this and maybe do another post to try explain it to you this whole loving process. Because I’m missing so much in this writing. All in all I just want to tell you: I do understand the hate now I would even hate myself if I knew myself out of myself. I wish you all could be loved like that. That is my genuine wish. Loved because you are you. Loved because you are humble and people can recognize that. Loved because you don’t give a fuck what other people think. Loved because when you see injustice you the first one that open your mouth and it don’t matter if you will lose everything. Loved because of your country and you even stop doing things that you love to represent your culture to the fullest. Love yourself enough even when you see people selling their souls for popularity, you still holding it down and chose the cultural. It is a lot a lot of freaking love. I touched Gandhi money my people, money with Gandhi’s face. I need to come back here to heal myself. Because when Indians love you, they love you man. And I repeat: they not afraid to show. There is a difference between groupies and lovers. Canada America and other places is a place full of groupies. Meaning they just ride with you because of your name or what you represent. But they do that with everybody. This shit is different here, homie. They sense your vibe and if your vibe doesn’t go according to their values and perception or if they don’t see your heart, these niggas ignore your ass easy easy easy.

I’m sorry for typing so long, but I’m not done yet, as soon as I get inside that plane, I’m gonna start writing, I’m gonna tell you everything about India that I experienced. I’m overwhelmed but Manuel please shut up so people can read this post. And for the ones that don’t know my name, my name is Manuel Antonio Eduardo Dos Santos. Dr Kizomba is my soul.

India, thank you. You the shit.

Hands down to Navi for organizing the first DSantos Dance festival.

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