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Just touched down from India full of memories and smiles on my face from such of amazing journey. As soon as I got to Canada, went to the toilet then delivered a bomb, shiiiiit. My bomb was is a liquid formula yep. I was like noooo, I need to go teach at Kitaba but the loads kept on squirting from my ass and I was like damn I got a flight at 6am via Miami that means I gotta be at the airport by no later than 4am. I was like I hope the rain stop soon because I gotta make it to Curacao 🇨🇼 for my brother Taiti’s Curadise event…

Everything worked out just fine. I got to my flight on time, now am on my way to Miami. I have a few hours layover, I think am going to the beach, I don’t know what u think I should do !?!?

Yes You Now You’re Part of my Travel Blog, let’s get into some adventures together…

See You Soon!

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