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Omg. I remember yesterday, layover in Miami for the whole entire day and then me, myself, you know I am an accumulation of bad ideas in one body, right? Ok so listen to this one. I was like, I am in Miami, shiiiiit, I have 9 or 10 hours to kill. What am I gonna do? Ok let me go to the beach. As soon as I got the opportunity to go to the beach, let me go to Mangoes bc Mangoes is the night club I love so much, but next to Mangoes is the beach and a couple of restaurants. I’m gonna go get my tacos together, you know me I love tacos yes, well and maybe a little bit of caipirinha, you know that Brazilian drink that look like mojitos but it’s not mojitos motherfuckers it’s caipirinha. Like you saw in the picture, I asked for a little bit they gave me a big fucking glass. And so my experience in Miami started…

People passed and they look at me and my glasses and people were asking me if I was a celebrity, and I was like I am in my world, if you ever know kizomba, I am a celebrity in my Kizomba world. They like no no, you look like a celebrity. I was all, “didn’t I tell you I’m a kizomba celebrity??” Laughs and laughs and laughs let into smokes and smokes and smokes and then the ladies like my male bun and my flamingoes shorts so they paid me more drinks, I’m talking about 7 or 8 ladies ok, we went to the beach, I saw a twerking competition that I can’t show you because otherwise Flavie will fuck my ass up literally, bend me over and stick and stick inside. I was like I have someone they like you in Miami, I was well technically “I’m not in Miami I’m just flying over”, they like, “you in the beach. You in Miami”. I was like “ok, well let’s party”. So smokes and smokes and smokes and I saw myself walking down the street without a shirt in my flamingo shorts and this time it was like 15 new friends. They were like, “I love your accent, where you from?” I’m like “it’s Angolan, motherfuckers it’s a little complicated with some Portuguese and some French because I live in Montreal”. They were all, “ooooooh I looooove French”. I’m like “the French will definitely love you”.

And then I almost missed my flight which Taiti would have killed me. But don’t worry I made my plane and slept aaaaaaall through the flight. Stay tuned for the pictures cuz now I am in Curadise. Another beautiful island, another beautiful experience. And I have a swimming pool in my backyard. Woot woot!

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