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Fell asleep in Miami, woke up in Curaçao with a mango tango drink in my hand. But before that I got an amazing breakfast complimentary from Taiti and Crystel from Curadise. And so the vida loca continues. Well I’m a little, well I dunno how I am, but I am a little bit zoned out, maybe it’s the jet lagged. I woke up at 8 o’clock, same shit that happened in India, I kept on waking up at 8 o’clock. Maybe 8 o’clock is really my time because 8 is my favorite number. Infinity baby, infinity.
Well, I’m in Curaçao. For the ones that don’t know it was a Dutch island. Let me put it this way. They got money. The island is beautiful, the water is amazing, it is close to the Dominican Republic. All the girls have an ass right here. Ridiculous. Including the ones cleaning the rooms! Even their dolly you know their market dolly where they put the clothes on top to represent the clothes and shit, they come with the ass too. Let me stop talking about ass because you already know the rest.
It’s an amazing experience right here with amazing people. This year Taiti hit the jackpot. He got a lot of macambas. Macambas means Dutch people. They are here and they dope as fuck. These motherfuckers can party. I’m meeting all my old school friends and I’m having the best time of my life.
Okay! Time to go to the pool party with my mango tango drink. Stay tuned with my stories and I’ll probably go live on Dr Kizomba to give you guys a better view of Curadise.
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