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Good day good day good day, you already know your unapologetic motherfucker aka #drkizomba is in the islands. To be more specific, Curaçao and I have a pool in my backyard. Yes! A pool in my backyard. Isn’t that crazy? They just gave me a pool, all by myself. Look at this. Sunning with my golden RayBans, my Africa tattoo popping on my chest. Yes, i shave my armpits so what, i don’t like hairy body. Yes i shave my balls too, so what, I’m clean like a whistle. You have a problem with that? Suck yo mama that’s why you guys stink, you should shave too, i love when my body feel like a baby so that I can put baby oil on that bitch. It’s a swimmer thing, ok? It’s a swimmer thing. Speaking of swimming, give it up for my brother Taiti and my sister Crystal for putting together his amazing event. We were just having breakfast and talking about future events with their two beautiful daughters on some surreal shit, I told them “I don’t feel like I am teaching, I feel like I am on a vacation. You guys treat me so good, I feel like I am on a vacation. You can put my name on this event until I die.” loyalty loyalty loyalty.

Yesterday’s party was for real, a lot of beautiful dancers, salsa bachata kizomba, you know that good shit. Today I’m gonna have a semba workshop by the pool. Yesterday I already had my kuduro and afrohouse workshop by the pool. Don’t worry the video is coming.

Now some real shit. When I go to events I really like to hang out with the people that clean the rooms and the people that work behind the bar, with the locals. I just love to hear theirs stories. Today I woke up with a little bit of headache maybe was because of the Crown Apple yesterday. So I went to the reception to ask for some Tylenol. They didn’t have no Tylenol. So I went to my girls (that clean the room) and oh man they gave me more than Tylenol. They gave me soda water and two drips of I don’t know what and told me “drink this”. Instantaneous right after your boy Dr Kizomba was feeling much better. I was like “girls you know how to hook a doctor” and they sure did. See? The advantage of being humble and respecting the little people always pays off. Take notes, motherfuckers, take notes.

I dunno how people do it that live in a beautiful country with always good weather, always good vibes, always good people. Man, I’m so jealous. But I’m not really jealous because I’m here. You should be jealous. But anyway, on some other real shit. Man when you do something good there is always someone trying to kill your vibe. Listening Kendrick Lamar bitch don’t kill my vibe. And I’m so cool like polar bear toenail that I’m not gonna even address the situation because you really don’t matter. But I’m happy that my happiness is disturbing you. I’m very happy.

No no no, there’s a lizard in my yard!! Here’s me minding my business and this nigga just walking in here, shameless. Nigga this is MY pool, he just modeling in MY pool. This motherfucker!

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