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Home sweet home. The brain is bigger than the sky but in order to fulfill your brain development there is something that we call traveling that will allow you to access information that you would never be to access if you didn’t do so. Sometimes people will tell you, I’d rather see it to believe it. But how can you see something if you not able to make the sacrifice to look for it? With that said, let me tell you about this beautiful island called Curaçao. Beyond the clear waters, beyond the beautiful melanin, look how gorgeous their women look like. Yeah. You better see it to believe it. So with a little glimpse of some pictures, you gonna see it to believe it. Don’t worry, I won’t skip the beach because salt water is a helluva thing.

Wassup Mi Gente, it’s your boy #drkizomba aka your unapologetic motherfucker next to you. Wassup wassup wassup? Back home to my beautiful Montreal. Looking to actually rest a little bit because I been going back to back to back for about 8 weeks non stop. My clock is upside down, I’m sleeping when I have to wake up and I’m waking up when I have to sleep. The name of this might be India. And then non stop working with Curaçao, you already know what’s the deal. Yes, it was an amazing weekend, but I consider that as a yearly vacation because of so many friends that I saw and so many new people that I touched. And I get to practice my Papiamento with the locals. I’m a little tired to be writing a lot, yawning as I speak, but I had to let you know a little bit of my trip. My next post, I’ll be posting videos of the festival but with this post I will let you enjoy these pictures of the beach and the beautiful local women with their eyes, from children to grownups, they are absolutely gorgeous. And what you see in those pictures is exactly what you get.

Take a trip to Curaçao and you gonna learn a little bit about this beautiful island that I so dearly love.

Bye. Going back to sleep.

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