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Good Monday Mi Gente.

Positive thinking. All of my peers when I told them about my crazy idea of stopping dancing salsa as much and investing in kizomba, they looked at me weird. They told me, “what you thinking kiddo? You already sharing the stage with Eddy Torres and you getting invited all over the world.” I looked and said, “man, only I know how much it takes me to really do what I do, which is the love of dance.” But let me tell you one thing. I love the latin world, I love my peers, I love my instructors, I love the dancers. But there is the latin world and the latin world. If I’m not dancing and I meet a regular latin person, I always felt like I have to justify why I dance salsa. That was a little fucked up in me personally, because I am not supposed to justify the shit that I love, I’m not supposed to do that. But when it came to kizomba, I don’t really like per se the instructors or the so called community but I don’t have to justify why I dance kizomba. It’s not a color situation right here, it’s just the culture. Combining both worlds is the best thing I ever did. People want to learn how to dance, people want to enjoy dancing, whether it is kizomba or salsa or bachata or rumba or afro. People love to dance, and people love great instruction. By being an international kid I was able to balance or juggling ball. That’s the paradox. Real talk, no bull no bias. Some way somehow in life, we gotta make sacrifices. Be the fucking kizomba guy in the salsa room, nigga, wtf is wrong with you? Hehehehe.

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