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Good day my fellow family, my fellow semba kizomba bachata salsa dancers lovers you know who you are, gang gang. Well, I’m back in Montreal, my city. But you know what’s so funny. You know when you don’t wanna see people never again in your life and these people still wanna find ways to be in front of you? I’m gonna give you an example ok. But before that, I just wanna let you know that I’m living my best life, ain’t going back and forth with you niggas.

There’s this bitch that I don’t like. She and I know that I don’t like her. Both of us know that I don’t like her. I cannot say the same of her because she always trying to jump on my eye sight. This bitch knows that me and my team practice on Sundays at the studio. This bitch knows that I was in Lisbon. And guess what? After me and my team finished a beautiful practice today, guess who’s sitting there in the couch? This bitch. Well, I know Montreal is a free city and I know that you can go everywhere in the world but really?! To be sitting on the couch and you know exactly what time me and my team practicing… That’s pretty weird, that’s just trying to create tension. Nobody is gonna say hi to you because I have a gang gang. The people around me they ride or die with me. They not people who ride with you but then talk shit when you not around. They not like you. And that’s why you no longer roll with me #getit. Can you believe this bitch followed me all the way to Lisbon? But that’s a story for another time. And the word bitch means “beautiful, intelligent…” and the rest I don’t really remember. Jesus Christ, for god’s sake, I don’t care. I don’t wanna see your Facebook posts, just live your life and leave me alone. Yes your ass is fat, yes your boobs are saggy, yes your brain is empty, I don’t give a fuck about you.

And with these amount of selfies right here of me smiling, smoking, looking left and right, it’s called self-love. I recommend all y’all motherfuckers that talk about love go fall in love with one person: the reflection in your mirror. This is the first person you must love in order for someone to love you.

Don’t take anything I write personally. It’s strictly bitching.

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