Day 24 | Gindungo: 11 to go

Good day, good day Mi Gente! Fuck man, I had a crazy dream last night. But first, today is sober day 24, alcohol free, carrot juice boy, still on the grizzle for all my nizzles representing that soberness.

The dream was dope, because my dream was a mix between my iWatch and the movie Blade Runner. For the people that saw the movie, you already know one of the dopest thing about that movie was his ride that had a remote drone. If you didn’t see the movie, then that’s your motherfucking problem. Go and see that movie because it’s a great movie, because that’s my Canadian boy Ryan Gosling, and we all for Canada. Now. In my dream, my iWatch, the screen of this bitch was like a drone. And when I was walking somewhere, or living my lively life, if I wanted to see what was going on around me, or detect my haters, I would talk to my screen and say “search the facilities”, and my screen would take off from my wrist, drone this motherfucker up, aka fly around and search every person and scan everybody. And things too! So before I’d get to a party, because you know me, when I go to a party I need all motherfuckers to already be there, I would say, “check the facility” and that nigga would go and scan and see how many people were at the party, report directly to my iWatch via the dronatic screen and come back to its location, my wrist. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit! I wanted to take a video to show off my new gadget, because I was the inventor in my dream, but then I woke up, and realized that was a dream. Godammit. Eh, for all the inventors out there… don’t steal my idea! Wait till I find a great engineer kid at university that can put my ideas into work, aka my next JP!

On a Gindungo note. Today, Mi Gente, the schedule is out! Yes! Gindungo is happening and we got one more surprise for you. On Sunday, we gonna be cooking Angolan food and you gotta reserve your spot because this is one of a kind. One of a kind, guys! You gonna take a bite, you gonna close your eyes and then you gonna wake up in Luanda. That’s the capital of my country. GET YOUR GINDUNGO PASSES YESTERDAY.

Imma leave you on that note.

Wa-Alaikum Salaam!

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First published on Facebook on March 13, 2018.

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