Day 25 | Gindungo: 10 to go

Good day Mi Gente! I’m going to be a little bit personal with this post, and since today is Revelation Wednesday aka my social is today by the name of Kitaba, the Great Angolan Peanut Butter. I was having a funny and hard Angolan debate with my brother Nunes Da Costa last night on Facebook. I mean, we were roasting each other. The Angolan way- savage style, on Facebook, in English! And we didn’t give a fuck! Because that’s called being an Angolan. Unapologetic motherfuckers. Now I guess some folks were in-boxing and saying look how the Angolans are acting on Facebook. So here is what I have to tell you: You want to dance Kizomba, but you don’t want to travel to Luanda. You don’t want to do Kuduro, because probably you don’t like to sweat too much. Ewwww it’s disgusting for you. You don’t want to hear the history about my country and my people. But you still want to dance Kizomba. You don’t want to understand how Angolans are, aka jokers! Pure fun crazy, joking ass people. But they tell the truth, they don’t lie. And they are not afraid of the consequences. Now I am talking to you, the motherfucker that is in-boxing other people and saying “Look, did you see Manuel’s last post?” I didn’t really like the way he speaks about Flamingo Dancing aka Urban Kiz. Well, here is my problem. Ummm, it’s cool for you to take half of my culture and deny the rest. It’s like saying you want to marry my sister, but you don’t want to meet her parents? Well, Nigga and Niggarettes, you’re WRONG! Absolutely wrong. Because you don’t just come and take some part of my culture because it’s popular and don’t accept the rest. Therefore, I am here to call you out. Now, I hope that you can understand this. But to make it spicier, let me end saying: For all my Haitian people, we all know that Kompa is the mother of Zouk. Kompa comes from Haiti 100%. How do you feel if someone else starts a new movement called Urban Kompa and go ahead and promote that culture and say that it’s better than the original Kompa? Please put your message below so that I can hear your comments. And I’m just talking about my Haitian community because you know what? Those are the closest people to me and everybody knows that Flavie is Haitian. If you didn’t know that, nigga, now you know.

On the other hand, Gindugo is here, Mi Gente! We have about a week and some days to go, and today is officially my 25th Sober Day- no smoking and not even a drip of Coca Cola or soft drinks in my system. As a matter of fact, if you read my post yesterday, I threw away the last Coca Cola from my fridge, I don’t even want to see the bottles in my house. For the people that think that this has been an easy process, thank you for believing in me. And for the people that think that this has been a hard process, the struggle is real because I’m a little bored. I’m in the process of adjusting my life because my life was filled with those things, and now I have more time because my mind is clear. People, I have a great idea: I will start a vlog and today, please my people, don’t miss your Kitaba night because I’m going LIVE in my classes and you guys are going to have fun because the Live videos are going to come from the Dr. Kizomba.

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