Day 23 | Gindungo: 12 to go

Good morning Mi Gente. This post is exclusively for my fellow dancers, especially new dancers and new performers that are trying to break  into this kizomba business by any means necessary. Listen here, motherfuckers! I am an artist. Flavie’s an artist. Aka we need to teach classes and we need to travel to make our money. We happen to have a company that is a dance school in our city, so should you. We happen to have a congress that we organize with our efforts in our city, so should you. But don’t mistake us for promoters that do that for a living. Yes! We have the skills of promotion as well, but that don’t mean that we’re not dancers first. Stop comparing yourselves with Fabricio and Eliza because you not on their level. I repeat: because you not on their level. Since I got your attention, let me start by saying today is sober day 23. Gindungo 12 days to go.
Roasting time. I’m gonna use the example of Amber Rose. Now this girl, day in and day out, when I open my Facebook, she is messaging, sharing songs, writing articles, fighting for the kizomba cause, being an advocate. She is a DJ, she is a mother, and she is a sister. She is not afraid of giving her personal opinion when things don’t go right, aka she deserves a ticket, aka she deserves accommodation and she deserves a pay for DJing because she is part of the culture and taking the culture from zero to hero. Not you boo boo! First of all, you afraid to post some shit online because you don’t want other promoters to find out what you think because you scared of not getting hired. That’s a minus! Second of all, you don’t post videos every week about your classes and how you teach and how much you influence kizomba in your city. That’s another minus! Third of all, you jump from event to event including coming to cities that prior other people gave you a contract and then you go back to the same city in less in a month because the competition contracted you. That’s another minus! All your pictures are jpeg. That’s another minus! All your videos are iphone quality aka you don’t possess professional videos. That’s a double minus! You don’t even have a biography. That’s a triple minus! And the ultimate, you have a personal opinion about everything, but you only talk behind people’s backs, aka you spit on the nigga’s hand that fed you before. That’s the ultimate minus.
Now, let me talk about my case. At Gindungo last year, myself and Flavie and the team, we were able to create a platform where all the instructors were seen as equals. Aka, equal number of attendees at each workshop. So when the pictures came out, it looked like a lot of people were in their workshops. People forgot that’s due to the hard work of the dancers behind these artists, and how important it is for artists to possess professional pictures so that they can use them in future events. Oh! Did you forget about the video that you did that was a lot of people in the background filming and the video got popular all over Facebook? And you forgot to thank Manuel and Flavie because we dancers and we know how important that is for you. In exactly one year, you expect to be treated like Fabricio and Eliza, or Frans and Sarah? What kind of shit is that?! Even better, myself and Flavie don’t even teach in our own event so that we can give you guys a platform to teach. You forgot to notice that! Take notes. Bow down. Bitch behave. Like Kendrick Lamar say, sit down, be humble. And bitch don’t kill my vibe.
Since I got that off my chest, while I was drinking my chamomile tea, walking around my living room in my robe, I got some good news for my NY people, Dr Kizomba will be there Thursday, and I recommend all my ride or die niggas from new York, from Brooklyn, Flatbush, to Manhattan streets to come and support my boy’s event. Let’s have a good laugh and 3 hours of amazing kizomba, semba and kuduro, and finish at 2pm to the sounds of DJ P-Lo. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! And share my event too. Don’t be flaky!!
Thank you so much my people, that was your daily report from Dr Kizomba, as I am being consistent with my delivery, please add me on twitter, the account name is @drkizombarants.
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