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Woke up on another day in another city. On Sunday I got bad news about my nephew: Junior was sick at the hospital. He is first born of the next generation, the first grandson of the family, our biggest baby . Knowing that, without thinking twice, your doctor jumped on the bus and made my way to TO. I celebrated my sister’s and my nephew’s bdays at the St Joseph hospital on Sunday night. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and even though I hate hospitals, I was thankful to see my bloodline. Spent the day  there, lifted his spirits, made him laugh. I’m still there so he can take a smooth ride home when he leaves the hospital.
You already know, your boy also danced a little bit. Dovercourt House, saw old faces, hung out with my brother Todd. Met some Instagram friends in real life for the first time, was happy to have that opportunity.  I reconnected with TO, the first city I lived in Canada.  TO doesn’t change. The streets are still the same, people stay the same, things don’t change here. New faces, but still stays pretty much the same. It’s a totally different scene from Montreal. But that’s ok, we accept TO because we all in Canada, and Canadians are polite.🇨🇦
First published on Facebook on October 10th, 2017.
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