Day 67 | Feeling Pumped

Yesterday was the last day of the Kizomba Canada Summer Set session. First session completed since I got back from #stuckinLisbon. Your boy had a long convo with the students about what they like/don’t like and how they feel when they go to other social to practice their kizomba. They told me 💯 what I expected. When my students go to the dance floor, they wanna dance. If all they get is someone doing tarraxinha, they get bored, and that’s a big turnoff to them. I’ve got nothing against the other styles of kizomba, but I’m gonna spend the rest of my days sharing and teaching the semba and kizomba culture – the culture I was born into. These styles of dance that I do and appreciate take years of repetition to perfect. Therefore my recommendation to my students is if the dance floor elsewhere is too dramatic or too boring, let’s make our own dance floor. And the name of our dance floor? Kitaba.

Tonight Manuel & Flavie are teaching at BCG. See you on the dance floor – you already know Baila delivers a solid night.

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First published on Facebook on October 5th, 2017.

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