Day 51 | Squad Goals

Mi Gente, you really liked my first show with the Kizomba Canada team since I got back from #stuckinlisbon. Name of the show = Fashion, and we looked good. 😎 Don’t worry, my people, the next show is gonna be even better! 🔥

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: gotta give it up for my team. These kids are working really hard, putting in hours in class, practice and on their own. They are making sacrifices, putting their personal life on the line to do this. Their dedication shows in their dancing. After Saturday’s show, I watched my team, all dressed in their Gindungo Kizomba Festival shirts. I’m proud of what my team can add to any dancefloor. They were dancing with everybody in all the rooms – salsa/kizomba/bachata/semba, it don’t matter, my team dances it – smiling, having fun and cracking jokes. They made everyone they danced with smile – thats the good old Dr Kizomba way. 😎

Event: Summer Affair by Bachata Invasion

#stuckincanada | #day51 | #squadgoals

First published on Facebook on September 20th, 2017.

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