Day 49 | Audience Chemistry

Slowly getting back into my routine from before #stuckinlisbon. Performances, costumes, training, last minute practices, tears, wanting to pee and shit at the same time before the show. Those are the anxieties of hard word, dedication and performance life. Last night I performed with my team for the first time our new routine that we’ve been working so hard on since I got back to Canada. It’s not yet where I want it to be but it’s working. We had a great reaction from the crowd last night at Bachata Invasion. It’s been awhile since I’ve performed in Mtl. It felt good. It felt like home.

Mi Gente, funny how chemistry can be contagious. There was a girl in the audience, right in front of me while I was performing. We see each other all the time at the studio, sometimes we say hi, sometimes we don’t say hi, you know how it is. Of course I was connecting with all the crowd but I was having fun bouncing energy off of her. She was cheering so loud, smiling and engaged by our performance. Her positive vibes fuelled me to finish the show in a strong and harmonious way. That’s another element that has been asleep in my body over the past 2 months: connecting deeply to a crowd of people, giving my energy and feeding off theirs, looking people in the eye while performing. That’s a special kind of being alive, and last night my body remembered that thrill.

Gotta give it up for my Kizomba Canada team. These kids are working really hard, putting in hours in class, practice and on their own. They are making sacrifices, putting their personal life on the line to do this. Their dedication shows in their dancing. Last night after the show, I watched my team, all dressed in their Gindungo shirts. I’m proud of what my team can add to any dancefloor. They were dancing with everybody in all the rooms – salsa/kizomba/bachata/semba, it don’t matter, my team dances it – smiling, having fun and cracking jokes. They made everyone they danced with smile – thats the good old Dr Kizomba way. 😎

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First published on Facebook on September 18th, 2017.

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