Day 45 | Major Milestone

Finally. The Dr kizomba website is 💯 complete. All the videos, for all the levels. All done. Shiny and in HD.

Mi Gente, if you want to learn #kizomba, it’s easy. Start with the beginner package, move to the intermediate package, jump on the advanced package. Each level is 8 weeks of videos, that you can practice over and over again. Did you think that was it? No, my people. Once you are done the advanced level, you keep learning: time for the VIP club. This is the right way to get your kizomba fixed. But, Mi Gente, I know. Lots of you are already dancers. If you think you are able to handle the hard moves without going through all of the levels, then you are welcome to join the Dr Kizomba VIP club. That is where we post our hardest moves. I am talking about the moves you see on the dance floor, the slides, the lifts, grabbing the leg of the lady, doing the splits. Anything you dream you want in your kizomba, we got the move in our VIP club. Check it out. 👀

This was hard work. This was a sacrifice. Last night, after the Wednesday kizomba practice, Manuel and Flavie spent from midnight until 6 in the morning with the Dr Kizomba production film team 🎥, finishing up the videos for the VIP club. Mi Gente, imagine your boy staying up until 6am for work, not for partying 😳. I know, I know, I was confused too. We worked hard. Physically, that’s a lot of dancing – we filmed the tricky moves, not the easy stuff, no tarraxinha. It’s a lot of concentration too. My face don’t wanna smile and look awake at 6am. My face wanna sleep. But we did it, getting everything just right, from the angles, to the words, to the lighting, to the smiling. My team and I worked so hard these past months to finish the program. I am proud.

I am proud to present this website to you, Mi Gente. is over one year of instructional videos. is my knowledge and experience, condensed into weekly videos that all of my people, all over the world, can access. was my dream that is now a reality – bringing kizomba to everyone, no matter where they live.

No matter what your level, if you have questions about kizomba, please visit my website, and we will get your kizomba to where you want it to be.

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First published on Facebook on September 14th, 2017.

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