Day 43 | The Art of Social Dancing

My kuduro gang yesterday did good, Mi Gente! They kept up with the choreo and I made them sweat . Mi Gente, if you don’t sweat when dancing kuduro, then you might be dancing, but you are 💯 not dancing kuduro. My students are starting to feel the music, it shows. 🎶They are learning that it isn’t just about freestyling the dance and calling it kuduro on Facebook. It’s about practicing the moves in and out, and putting them into a choreographic sequence that the more you dance it, the softer your body gets, the more the moves flow through your body. Yesterday’s kuduro class was an endurance workout, sweaty footwork, and I am proud of my students for giving 100%.

Tonight is semba! You already know, 3 hours of classes. Beginners @6:30pm🔥, Intermediate @7.30pm🔥🔥, Advanced @8:30pm🔥🔥🔥. I was looking through old videos, and I found a video of me dancing semba with my friend Nina at a party in St-Petersburg. It made me smile.

Crazy Russians! Of course they love semba, semba is spicy and hot, it warms up their cold winter weather☃️. Mi Gente, there are lots of videos of me dancing demos. Those are fun. But dancing demos is like dancing a show. It’s not the same as dancing during a social. Dancing during a social is not about impressing other people, it’s about making your partner smile. As a leader, that means knowing your moves you learned in class, mastering the technique. It means understanding your partner – what your follower can and cannot do. It means listening to the music – if you go busting out a move, perfect technique, but on the wrong beat, and it doesn’t fit the song, your partner isn’t going to have a good time, she’s gonna be confused. And that, Mi Gente is why going to classes is not enough to be a good social dancer. Practice. Practice. Practice. Try. Try. Try. And yes, taking privates with your boy😎. Classes teach you tricks. Privates teach you how to apply that knowledge with a partner on the dance floor. #shamelessplug #notbutseriously #bookyourprivatenow


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First published on Facebook on September 12th, 2017.

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