Day 41 | Feeling Saintly

Woke up today feeling confused. McNuggets, rum and coke beside my bed, Netflix still playing. Trying to put the puzzle together to figure out what the heck I did yesterday. Oh shit I remember, guess what? I was supposed to go out. Female friend gave me a phone call, asking what I was doing. I’m talking about yesterday, you still follow? She wanted to talk about her personal life, she’s having troubles with her man. I guess you all know how that story ends, but since she’s my friend I don’t mind watch the same pellicula over and over again… 🙄Instead, I concentrated on my fascinating tv show, which was sad for me because because it was the episode where Pablos Escobar died. Yes, I’m talking about Narcos. I was sad. I know he was a villain, but for the tv show they made his death quick and clean. But I’m old. I still remember the funeral of the real Pablos Escobar, when they walked his casket through the streets and hundreds of ppl lined up to watch, crying and screaming about his death. I heard Pablos Escobar’s brother wanted to sue Netflix for exchanging events for publishing advantage. And he’s right. There is some fuckery in this show. Still… it was some great entertainment. Episode 3 continues the story with drug dealers I don’t even know their names, they just turned the page on the Pablos story, it got very complicated and I guess I passed out from that.

Woke up early this morning because my beautiful student Nadège decided to have a private @11am. On a Sunday morning. That early, that’s even before church! Who does that??

Oh well, let’s work.

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First published on Facebook on September 10th, 2017.

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