Day 39 | Some Quick Updates

Yesterday I went to Baila Con Gusto. An amazing night, as always 🎉. Gotta give it up to Dominique, JP and Montuno for keeping it up. To work, to own a studio, and still have one of the hottest nights in the city, week after week, year after year – for that I salute you.👊👍

On the other hand, Mi Gente, make sure you get your passes for Gingdungo because the line-up is looking ridiculous, in a good way 😎. Artists from all over the world have already confirmed🔥. Well known DJs have already confirmed🔥. We have new couples that we are gonna introduce to Mtl and a special treat for the ladies this time around. Get it while it’s hot 🔥🌶🔥. It’s only a bill right now 💵. But that’s gonna change in less than a month. So if you don’t wanna pay $120 next month💸, get your tickets yesterday.

Good news! Your doctor weighs 190.4. Your boy lost already 10lbs. #missingportugal 😂 I’m a perfect advertisement for the #Afrofitness lifestyle. More updates on that project coming soon!

I think I’m gonna get drunk tonight. I just dunno what type of alcohol yet. #waitforthelivevideos 🥃

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First published on Facebook on September 9th, 2017.

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