Day 73 | Hard Work

Eweee Mi Gente! Last Thursday, you already know, Manuel & Flavie taught at Baila Con Gusto. Lots of new faces, discovering #kizomba for the first or second time. That made me happy. You know what else made me happy? Seeing my team wearing their Gindungo shirts, and dancing the night away. Kizomba, Salsa… even Bachata. I watched my team smiling and enjoying when they dance. All of their partners, both regulars and newbies on the Mtl dance scene, smiled after every dance. One guy, a beginner in kizomba, came to see me to let me know that he really enjoyed dancing with my girls because my girls don’t judge him. That’s the #drkizombaway, Mi Gente. It’s about the dancing, making sure everyone enjoys. I told him, basics is good! Basics, properly applied to the music, is all you need to put a smile on your partner’s face.

Shout out to my team. The rookies and the veterans, everyone has been working hard. Can’t wait for them to perform. We got a show tomorrow at BCG and another one later this week. See you on the dance floor, Mi Gente. Keep your eyes peeled for the Gindungo shirts, and come say hi.

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First published on Facebook on October 12th, 2017.

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