Day 81 | Student Energy on High

Woke up this morning feeling kinda dizzy.

Man, I’m in love with my students. 😍

🔹#kuduroMondays: Monday’s kuduro class was ah-maze-zing. Lots of returning faces from the Summer Set program, which means they liked what they got. They worked HARD. They sweated at LOT. They sweated a little bit but they smiled and laughed! And Mi Gente, that was only the first class of the Fall session! Imagine!
🔹#sembaTuesdays: Semba was unreal. New students… that actually know how to dance semba. They just moved to Canada, needed a dance that reminded them of home, googled Kizomba Canada, and signed right up. This is exciting because it will allow us to expand the material we cover in class because the students are already strong dancers. Can’t wait!
🔹#kizombaWednesdays: Omg. Is that a black car? I prefer African American Express. #yeezus Yesterday was a mad class, a full class, lots of ppl showed up, new faces, regular faces, loyal faces. A perfect mix. Awesome. Can’t wait to see them next week.

The students are really excited about the videos. After every class, we are filming demos of the lesson, with music, so that students can watch themselves and practice at home. We post these videos on the Kizomba class, under the appropriate Kuduro/Semba/Kizomba page. For example, check out Monday’s video on the Kuduro page: students told us they love our Fbk posts, but sometimes it’s hard to find the specific video they are looking for. So we listened. The Kizomba Canada website is organized and easy to use, and they love it and we love them. Awwwww. #drkizombawayoflife

#stuckincanada | #day81 | #studentsandvideosandwebsitesohmy

First published on Facebook on October 20th, 2017.

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