Day 82 | Unexpected Gratitude

Mi Gente, have you been checking out all the good work we’ve been doing at Kizomba Canada?
🔹 Summer set session: ✅
🔹 New fall program: a sell-out in the first week! 🔥
🔹 A growing dance squad #kcds
🔹 Shows, shows and more shows
🔹 Launching a new weekly social for Montreal: the Kitaba social (Nov 1st ➡️ Mi Gente, you ready?!)
🔹 A revamped website: with videos! info! schedules! It’s beautiful. 😍 Can you imagine your boy sitting all those hours behind a laptop to get it that nice? Me neither. 😂 It wasn’t easy, but it’s so pretty, and my students love it.

Mi Gente, if those assholes hadn’t stolen my papers, I wouldn’t have been #stuckinLisbon. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity to reconnect deeply with MY Kizomba, or see what I can bring to students through daily grinding and hustling. Now that I am #stuckinCanada, I miss traveling, but I’m enjoying reconnecting with my city, seeing every little improvement in each of my students, and watching Kizomba Canada grow through the hard work of me and my team.

Here is a story. While your boy was working on the website last weekend, I noticed that the very first person to use the contact form on the website to contact us one year ago was a girl called Laura. Laura has since taken many privates with your doctor, joined the wednesday classes, is part of the #kcds and performed in her first show last week at Bachata Invasion. It’s moments like that make your boy believe that everything happens for a reason. #StuckinCanada is happening for a reason, and I’m only starting to see why now. #philosophicaldoctor

Your boy is off to dance some salsa at Moka social. 😉

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