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Thank you so much for Leo and the Cuban movement. Look at this nice accommodation. I’m living like a million dollars, shiiiiiit, this is better than a hotel. I have a suite for myself.
And now they are taking me to this big motherfucking mall, I don’t know what the fuck this is. Everything Edmonton is big, this fucking mall is big too. West Edmonton mall, with the swimming pool that looks like the ocean with a beach, shiiiiiiiiiit, I’m gonna take some pictures of this bitch too. We not in Miami but we in Edmonton beach. We can still get some coconuts and close our eyes and we in Miami my nigga. I see some plants too, this motherfucking mall look like a jungle. I see some trees, and those are some real leaves falling off. And for my people in Edmonton you need to come meet me in Queen Mary park. We gonna start at 8:30. 8:30 Cuban time, just in case. Because we gonna drink some motherfucking rhum right now, and then bye bye 8:30. I’m joking my people, don’t be late, show up at 8:30 because the party time is limited. We only have a few hours to party tonight because tomorrow we going to Calgary and rock those cowboys and cowgirls. Yeehaw. A motherfucking entire ice rink in a mall. Really niggas? Anyway. It’s a very nice and expensive looking mall. I usually don’t like malls, but I like this motherfucker. This is a like a world with everything in it right here. I don’t even see niggas outside in Edmonton but there are a lot of niggas in this mall. I think there was babies made in this mall, because there are a lot of empty spaces here and hidden spaces. Definitely there are people fucking in this mall right now. Somewhere somehow. And there are a lot of Cubans here too, definitely people fucking. They gon learn today! TODAY. If you leave your wife unattended, she gonna get the vitamin D, aka the remedy. And my niggas don’t discriminate what age, what color, and what size. They clean everything that moves. Oh you gay? No problem. Alright guys. You know this is all jokes.
Right now we are actually eating and planning about the event tonight. People don’t forget to come to Leo’s event. Usumkuma stop the bullshit and come and bring your students because I don’t wanna hear no war between my friends, just show up and let’s all come to this event tonight. Don’t let me leave this city and talk shit about you because you didn’t come to tonight’s party. Everybody come and everybody support. Let’s make this kizomba community thing an amazing thing. Diana, make sure you come, I know your baby is big now, so make sure you come, I need you. Solange, my girl, you already here, make sure you make your way too. Let’s make this a crazy party, and let’s put this community together. Look at me, I’m living my best life, ain’t go back and forth with you.
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