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Yes, still in the plane. This kid, I dunno wassup with him, but he is turning this motherfucking plane upside down. He refused to stop everybody’s head going left and right, screaming. You gotta love it. I gotta love it when you see kids like that. Not every kid is like Wednesday. This little motherfucker right here don’t give a damn. He is between me and his dad, and he refused to stop and be quiet. And when I look at him, he smile, because he knows what he’s up to. I told him, he’s a troublemaker, as soon as I walk into the plane, he’s gonna be trouble. He remind me of someone, I don’t have to say no names. And for the ones enjoying my writing, it’s hard to write when I’m in the city because I gotta devote my time to my students including privates, group classes, training my team and organizing the social. All these things in 3 days! And also recuperating from the party of the weekend I’ve just been to. So you can understand that the nigga gotta put the pen down. But as soon as I find myself back on the plane, I’m gonna make sure you understand what’s gonna happen.
What’s gonna happen.
Tonight. We gonna have a Halloween party and your boy Dr. Kizomba will be teaching a class before. I’m dealing with Cubans so I know the rhum is gonna be there and we gonna turn up and turn up and wake up in Calgary. But remember that tonight is in Edmonton! My boy Leo needs help, Dr. Kizomba is right there for him.
On a good note.
While I was looking at the people dancing yesterday at Baila Con Gusto I had an epiphany. I saw motherfuckers that I know for over 8 years when I started to dance kizomba. They are still on the dancefloor. Some of them doing the same thing dancing wise bullshit that they’ve been doing for 8 years. And some of them still single until today for 8 years. Well single, my ass. Hunting. Every day for 8 years! I don’t want these niggas at Kitaba or even the girls. First of all, most of them are my age or way older. That goes half of your coolness. Not to say that old people are not cool, but some of these motherfuckers are some of the most uncool people I know. A lot of them are just grumpy like the girl where my middle finger magically showed up. So these are the people that people count as the kizomba community? I dunno, I’m just thinking by myself. If so, Shirley Box Cutter Baker, the first woman who told the police, You got me fucked up. You got me fucked up. But do you understand what I am saying? All I’m trying to tell you is that there is a group of 20-30 people going around Montreal, been dancing for a long time. These folks are now the so called teachers or instructors or wtv. None of them bring a lot of people to the scene. And they are all in one room. Nah, niggas, you got me fucked up. I would shoot myself if I had to see these people all the time. What happened to meeting new people? Where is the young people? Whose gonna stay with the generation of kizomba? Who is gonna raise the game? Not these motherfuckers, that’s for sure. Oh I almost forgot, you find these motherfuckers at Kitaba, so there really is a new movement in montreal, where folks from 17-70 are amazingly enjoying each other respectfully, laughing, and dancing kizomba no bull no bias. Kizomba as kizomba. Semba as semba. Kuduro as kuduro. Please don’t mix my KoolAid. Every time we strive for new people to come and enjoy. And the team that is behind this movement, they are amazing and dope people. No I am not talking about myself, shiiiiit I already know that about me. I’m talking about the Kizomba Canada folks and the Dr. Kizomba team that work very hard making sure that everybody have a nice dance, and then go home. And then come back for more.
There you go.
When I’m thinking, I think about everything. But my time to arrive in Edmonton is 20 minutes. So I don’t have a lot of time to think. But as soon as I get down, I’ll let you know, because I heard that it is -1. Oh Canada, oh Canada, please Canada, don’t do that to me!! But hey, there is a party somewhere next to Yellowknife. Yellowknife is messedup far.
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