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Oh god. Back on the pen. It’s been a crazy week, I must confess. A bit tiring, but all in all, amazing. After coming from Detroit, I did not really have enough time recompose myself. Specially after Kitaba and the classes, the social is really taking on its turns. Then yesterday I had Baila Con Gusto, Halloween edition. It was nice and entertaining. Now I’m getting into the airport on my way to Edmonton, Calgary because we have another party to rock today and tomorrow. As usual I’m gonna be writing what I see but I still have a lot of things on my head that happened this week that I might as well just address.

Addressing time.
It was this fellow guy at my social Kitaba that he quite didn’t know the information of what kizomba is. Oh well, another ignorant motherfucker that thinks he know me because the way he was talking, he was like “I know you Manuel” and I look at his face and I was like, well I don’t know you. You know, I guess this internet shit is getting crazy, because these motherfuckers are looking at me on the regular with their eyes, and so they think they know me, but they forget that we still need to be introduced. I guess that’s life what can we do. But the thing that tricked me really is the lack of information of that individual and the continuation of him being wrong and strong in talking about something that he has no knowledge was just incredible. If he was thinking like that, imagine how many motherfuckers think like him?

(Oh wait, I gotta go back to the security check. At the airport. Where you gotta take all your stuff out. This is the annoying part. Crazy thing. These guys dropped my computer, always making me drop shit. Take your laptop out, put your laptop in, go go go, and shit like that. I just bent my computer screen. Imma take it to Apple to see what they can do. I dunno whoever made that rule, take your laptop out at the airport, but that is stupid shit. So pissed, you don’t even wanna know. Motherfuckers.)

Yesterday I went to Baila Con Gusto, DJ the Best was DJing, half of the crowd was doing flamingo, I dunno what type of shit that was, but oh well. I was dancing with Belarus, and this girl was staring at me on my eyeball. I don’t like her, she don’t like me. I dunno what was her problem, but she was definitely staring at me, like she wanted something or wanted to start trouble. If she was a man, that would be a straight punch on her mouth. I dunno what people stare like that, trying to provoke shit, I dunno what people are like that. I was Manuel  stay cool, but my finger have a mind of its own, and I had to give her the middle finger.

To finish the story in a great note, I really like the pumpkins that the Dsantos NC did for me, those are Haley’s students. They made little DSantos pumpkins and a Dr. Kizomba pumpkin on the side. It was very nice and I was giggling when I saw it like a little kid. Nice shit, nice shit. So we gonna finish this note, like I was supposed to start, nice shit. But you guys know its morning, right? Hard to be nice so early.

Oh well, boarding time. Got get me a croissant and a juice or some shit. So I don’t go on that plane and eat that bird food.

Going to Calgary to see my brother Leo and all the people at the Cuban movement so we gonna do a little kizomba and semba in two cities and it’s going to be bananas.

Oh wait, I am sitting next to a baby. That’s a loud baby. Oh boy. We gonna have a party on this plane.

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