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Still on the plane. Got some internet so I can continue typing to you and entertain you during this 3-4 hour flight.

Yo guys, I gotta talk to you guys about something I almost forgot. But before I tell you about that, everybody in Calgary and Edmonton, your boy is gonna land ASAP. Make sure you come and show some support and let’s make sure we take that selfie.

Now yesterday as I was sipping my drink next to DJ the Best I saw something weird and strange on the dancefloor. First I thought it was a joke, and then it wasn’t a joke no more. Let me break it down to you. As I was sipping my Hennessy and pineapple aka my Hineapple, I saw one girl that… how can I say. Someone who used to be very cool with me and Flavie but because of some buuuuuuuullshit she became unknown to me. Long story short. She was dancing with a dude and another dude was kinda weird. He was just sitting in a corner not doing too much. And then this weirdo stood up and walked in the middle of the packed dancefloor, was staring and demanding to dance with the girl, that unknown girl, and he wasn’t moving. I was laughing at the beginning because I thought that shit was funny. I thought that the other dude, her partner, would tell the weirdo off, like “yo, I’m dancing, wtf, wait for your turn.” But then I noticed the dude dancing with my unknown friend was just trying to ignore this obvious situation. I saw the face of the unknown girl, kinda helpless because she felt really awkward and uncomfortable. And all her people were in the room and no man was manifesting. Shiiiiiiit. I was like fuck this! I walked in the middle of the dancefloor, I hard tapped the weirdo on the shoulder like kinda slap tapping, looked him in the eye and gave him the old school Toronto “what’s good? Are you ready to catch these hands? Because clearly the girl doesn’t wanna dance with you.” The dude gave me a look that he wasn’t really about that life and went back to his corner and sat down.

I looked around in the world, and I was like these Kizomba niggas as fucking pussies. You finna tell me that all these dudes that walk with this girl, and talk shit and go to parties and act all friends can see this girl get almost roughed up on the dance floor and stand there and don’t do nothing, and me the supposed enemy had to jump and save this girl? Like what the fuck. The girl at the end came and gave me a hug and told me thank you. I was like you welcome, now you can go back and talk shit about me guy. And don’t forget to mention that story to your pussy friends. Lord Jesus Christ. What is going on with this so called community. It’s literally full of wimps, men that gossip about another man, men that don’t protect women when it’s necessary, men that stand by the wall and wait for the woman to ask them to dance and men that kiss and tell. Ha. I didn’t even say nothing, I’m just sipping my coffee, looking at some kids cartoons on Air Canada flight.

Little Johnny punched me in the eye, little Johnny can catch these hands. Cute little boy.

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