Day 12 | Vacation’s Over

I like the buildings in TO, they give me a real concrete jungle feeling. 🏙 It felt good to see old friends. Went to see my dancehall queen champion Lily Vibes. My boy Shotta Biggz! In high school we did real things 🤐😅. Saw my boy Todd Rose.

Today is your boy’s last day of break.

  • Tomorrow Aug 13, we start with the Kizomba Canada Open House, 2-5pm.
  • Monday Aug 14: Kuduro classes, for kids and adults.
  • Tuesday: Semba classes.
  • Wednesday, you already know: Kizomba classes.
  • Thursday Aug 17: your doctor is teaching at Baila Con Gusto.
  • Saturday Aug 19: my welcome back party at Kizomba Nights. My people, you have your tickets, right?
  • Sunday Aug 20: Afro-fitness casting.

Busy week. Break is over, Mi Gente.

| Thought for the brain | Kizomba is developing really fast across the world 🌎. As I’m dancing in different cities, I’m noticing there are a lot of beginners on the dance floor. Well. I dunno if instructors have a class structure of beginner/intermediate/advanced. I dunno if instructors only give a basic type of open classes before the parties. I don’t even know if these dancers think that is enough to learn to learn kizomba or if they think kizomba is a dance where as long as you are handling a girl, you know everything. At the end of the day, it comes down to the relationships between teachers and students.

Imagine if we throw a party. I have my students and my team. Other instructors have their students and teams, but unfortunately, what I am noticing is that these mofos go to parties without their ppl and try steal other teachers’ students. That’s not how it works, Mi Gente. You bring your ppl, I bring my ppl and we have a big party. Not I bring my ppl and you come to hunt. ❌But at the same time, respect to a lot of dancers and promoters working very hard to expand this dance scene despite what others are doing to harm it. Those are the ppl grinding it out to the max, making new students. Those are the ppl who deserve the recognition of dedication, consistency and hard work, yet those ppl are rarely the ones who get the shout-outs, the ones whose names we don’t see on our Fbk posts. 👊

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