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Good day mi Gente!

Douglas Lee Ortiz is the real motherfucker. He takes care of your doctor like no other. He’s a good guy. I feel like working. I’m fully recuperated, fully energized. Did the classes yesterday. Dude is off the chain! He just allowed me to be myself, allowed me to do my bullshit and making sure that the Kizomba room is well responsibly taken.

Now I was at the Kizomba room yesterday, and then all of a sudden I saw motherfuckers including instructors sitting down. And girls sitting down. I was like what the fuck is going on in this motherfucker, really loud. Went to the DJ and asked him to slow the music so that they could hear me loud and clear because I was gonna call these motherfuckers on their bullshit. So I scream out loud “Hey Motherfuckers go grab a woman. Every single man with some cojones in this room, go grab a fucking woman to dance. We are not here to sit down and be grilling on people and talking and make this social room with an empty dance floor. Naaaaah niggas, get up!” Straight up, I went to the mic, I’m not gonna work for you niggas. If you are an instructor your job is to be on the dancefloor dancing with the students. Because these motherfuckers stupid! We getting money, but I’m the nigga doing aaaaall the job?? Hell nah! They not gonna Michael Jordan my ass and sit down and have some tea. Fuck that, get up and dance, nigga! Regardless of the music. Yeah man. Because you know, I’m not saying that bash anyone, well, yeah, I do, but you know the situation of the matter is that if we have a room and we don’t dance, who is gonna dance for us. The math is fucking simple. 1 + 1 is fucking 100. Let’s get more people to dance so that the thirst of Kizomba to grow. Let’s go. We were the last room standing. Let’s go, for real. I know it’s tough sometimes but you know we gotta make it happen, homie.

Stop trying to be god.

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