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The picture don’t lie, this is family here aka #DrKizomba official bodyguard, my nephew, best friend, Jen’s other son. Look  how small I look next to this giant baby and on top of that he’s strong as a bull. I recommend you not to mess with your Dr. Kizomba because my nephew’s is waiting to split someone in a half.

Jen, sister thank you for been dope and real and my friend and Flavie’s sister. We made the impossible possible, a successful event. The room was lit. What u doing for Chi-town is necessary and your cool is impeccable. You just avoid drama even when drama is looking for you, always cool and ready to do the impossible. Every time I hangout with u, it make me a better and more understanding person therefore thank you sister.

Chicago, y’all cool like a polar bear toenail. Am glad that y’all showed up and turned up with us and followed the protocol like gang gang should. I will be back, Flavie will be back b4 me, yasss you heard right. We are back soon, there is a lot more work to do but for now we have to take care of our Montreal babies.

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