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Chicago. Currently Flavie is teaching her ginga class and magically it’s snowing in Chicago. Yeah. I don’t wanna blame it on the Canadians but there is a lot of snow and I heard that in Montreal it was 16C yesterday but I guess that shit went right back to zero. The sun was out here yesterday too, but the difference between yesterday and today was God was shitting on the East side today. Someone pissed Dude off!

But let me start thanking all these amazing people that are right here in this picture. Real MVPs. Chicago, I’m in love with your people. Genuinely good-hearted people. Someone gave me a comment, “we got 4hour a workshop and comedy show at the same time” leaving a workshop with a whole lotta stuff they didn’t expect to learn. I was like, that’s Dr Kizomba and Flavie for you. Gotta give it up to everybody that showed up to the party as well. Amazing party, my people. Yes yes yes it’s possible that independent work. Give it up for my girl Jen Travels, without her, this wouldn’t be possible and we already looking for our next date. Her gang was impeccable. Seeing kind people working very hard makes me work harder. Therefore, giiiiiirl, girls thank you man from the bottom of my heart. The savior of the night, DJ Misterio, he did the JOB! He did the job. This boy keeps on getting better every time I see him. And guess what? I’m seeing him in Baltimore, next week. This fucker. Good kid, guys, good kid. Erica, Kim, Pheonix, Sushi Roll, Big Booty Kourtney, my second favorite white girl after Hayley, I really love these people.

Listening to my Drake from time, featuring Jhene Aiko). We need to go to the movies today to watch Avengers, I want Thanos to get his ass whooped for what he did to Wakanda.

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