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Good day good day good day Chicago. It is a beautiful time in this amazing windy city. Yesterday we went to do some salsa and bachata again and party party more party and yeah! That was dope, thanks for our girls that host us outside while Jen was sleeping, Jen was out, her symptoms were kicking in, she needed to sleep. I don’t know how she can sleep so much! She slept through my selfie and then she was the first one sleeping again.
But everything is all about the workshop of today, Chicago. We will start at 2pm sharp, black people time. I don’t know why you laughing because black people is always on time. If you look at the picture tho, Jen hook us up with this seafood place right here and I think I need to use the toilet before I go to the workshop. I got the VIPoo, so anyone that come after me, it will be ok, it will smell like flowers. That’s a lot of crab, a lot of lobster tails, a lot of shrimp, a lot of sauces, a lot of a lot in one bag. But Flavie’s sauces taste better tho.
So my people come to the workshop, kizomba kuduro semba and ginga is tomorrow. Make sure you come to the workshop so that you can get your kizomba to another level.
Bye for now!
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